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it is white space. citywide we have 40% of our positions vac and. >> so the plan calls for changing the pangs plans for experienced workers in other areas as well, to make working for antioch more appealing. >> what will this it cost antioch? >> we won't do the actual aerials until we have the council's desire to look at it any further. >> reporter: and other cities may face the same problems as they roll out their pension reform. it comes up for discussion tomorrow. i have to say, remember this is one of the hottest, if not the hottest, button issue in california. and when i called the mayor council members to get their take on it. only one called back. and all he wanted to say, i'm going to wait until i hear it out and i'm not making a comment now. so it is still a very hot
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issue. in antioch, phil matier, back to you. san jose is asking for help in chosing the next police chief. there is meeting going on as we speak. but len ramirez learned that the city may have narrowed the field to a handful of front- runners. >> reporter: any time there is a job as important as the chief of police comes open, a lot of names come out. all of the names unofficial as the nationwide search begins. >> the fact that affective january 31st of next year i'll be retiring as chief. >> the surprise announcement after two years of chief of police comes at a critical time in san jose. crime is up and morale is low. >> our police department is falling apart. we have more people leaving. i think we have another two going to los gatos and three that went to redwood and three or four that went so santa cruz. >> a steady stream of officers
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quitting the department tops a long list of issues that will confront whoever is hired as the next chief. >> a lot of things is causing them to drop the morale beyond control and it is coming from city hall and not the police chief. >> reporter: names are starting to surface. fresno chief jerry dire and rick brazil have been mentioned as likely candidates. >> we went through the process two years ago and i think what came out of that is residents wanted the chief to be a superman or superwoman. >> and one city council member argued to dump the nationwide search and appoint a police captain. >> i think we have people that we should take a look at and forego the process and i think retired captain gary kir by would be an outstanding selection. >> but the decision isn't his. it belongs to the city manager deb fagony who said there is no shortcuts. >> this is critical for the
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city of san jose. it is one of the most visible appointments we have and important for the city manager that appoints that and we want to make sure to listen to the community and validated that we heard before and adjust evaluation based on what we hear now. >> reporter: and so officially san jose said the process is just beginning. there is no short list or long list officially but you can bet, dana, they do have some people in mind they would like to hire. a lot of people know about san jose and it has a good reputation still and a lot of people will be applying. this process will take a couple of months. it should be by the end of january, we should have a new police chief by the time chief more retires. >> in san jose, len ramirez, thank you. experts think today could be the biggest cyber monday ever. retail analysts say so far sales are up more than 24% compared to last year and of course you still have about six hours left in the day. experts predict americans will
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snap up $1.5 billion in online merchandise. across the board, holiday sales are off to a great start thanks to a major shift in retail strategy. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains how everything has changed this holiday shopping season. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. sights and sound of black friday have gone from this to this. as an estimated 41 million people started shopping on thanksgiving this year, the traditional black friday early birds had little company. >> we avoid the crazy lines. we're not the midnight people. we're the 4:30 a.m. people so we're in between the craziness and the fun. >> reporter: but no matter what time they hit the store, the estimated 89 million people that went shopping this black friday and 3 million more than last year and according to the national retail federation, most spent more money. >> that adds up to about $59 billion in spending this year
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compared to $52 billion last year. >> but the big shopping is not waiting until cyber monday. internet shopping topped $1 billion for the first time with amazon leading the pack. >> we have information where customers have amounts of information at their finger tips whether it is a smart- phone or tablet computer. so customers are able to go where ever they need and check prices, sizes and availability. >> reporter: and another big change this year, the use of mobile devices have doubled. one in four shoppers used apps to find the best deal and add more brick and mortars offering online price matching and retailers are finding more shoppers like this who find big- ticket items online but buy in store to -- to bring it home right away. >> i have been looking online but i feel like you spend forever researching. >> many will buy big on monday. remember, don't click on unknown links, don't use
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passwords that you use for other accounts. do use a secured wireless connection and do use your credit card instead of your debit card. credit cards come with more protection. and log on to to find the best sites for cyber monday deals. >> thanks, julie. well other bay area headlines. a san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of holding up a bank pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say fingerprints and surveillance video lead philip tong to the heist at bank of america on balboa street. investigators say tong was deeply in debt and recently filed for bankruptcy. no word on whether a driver killed in a fiery crash near crockett was impaired. his bmw burst into flames after smashing into the back of a big rig on westbound 80 yesterday morning. the 23-year-old man died at the scene. his 21-year-old passenger badly hurt. the trucker was not injured.
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14 people were taken to the hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning at a home in san francisco last night after the alarm went off. doctors found co2 in their bloodstreams but testing found no carbon monoxide leak in the house. officials say elevated levels of carbon monoxide can sometimes show up in blood tests for smokers and they believe that cigarettes set off the smoke alarm. well we are -- on the verge of getting soaked. we'll find out when it will hit us. >> it is not here yet. it was fog. right now the cbs high def doppler is dry but after a dry day on monday this may be the wettest week in the bay area in more than a year. there is a pretty significant setup. let me explain it to you. first off, tropical moisture is not uncommon and sitting out in the pacific. there is a ploom of tropical moisture from hawaii about 500 miles off shore. what is significant is that low pressure going in the perfect
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spot to take that tropical moisture and fire it right toward the bay area and then it will stick for several days. so there is the potential for heavy rainfall starting on wednesday. so we still have about 36 more hours. first wave of rainfall that moves through will likely bring rainfall totals in the north bay up to 2 inches and that is the first of several waves of low pressure to move through. so bottom line, heavy rainfall moving through the bay area later on this week. i'll time it out for you with your full seven-day forecast coming up in 10 minutes. i was just sitting there looking down at my phone and then somebody grabbed it. >> set up and take -- fed up and taking a stand. the tact eck in a bay area neighborhood in response to a rash of thefts. fears that development will bring danger to the neighborhood. the plan for a hunk of sand near the site of this mudslide and why there is so much concern over a flower. >> it is important that we keep
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talented executives in our city. >> bay area bosses take note. how a bay area city manager is going above and beyond to keep his top employees on the job. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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along with his mother and father. the coast guard has called off the search for a 16-year- old boy who was swept away along with his mother and father. family was on a beach north of eureka when their dog got stuck in the high surf. all three were overcome by waves as high as 10 feet in an effort to save the dog. the couple's daughter called 911. the dog eventually managed to escape the water on his own. well, a pair of armed robbers who took aim at a san jose jewelry store didn't get a gem but they did get more than they bargained for from the woman who owned the place. one of the men shot at her
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shortly after ending the store near story and king this morning. she fired right back at them. nobody was hitch the robbers took off. last seen speeding away in a black suv. a san francisco business is fed up with thieves targeting customers. so it is taking action. linda yee is in the russian hill neighborhood where one business has posted a warning. linda? >> reporter: dana, that warning, too many people walking around with their smart- phones here on the street and not paying attention to the surroundings and getting robbed. so one neighborhood store here on polk street decided they will post a sign to warn their customers to take care. they are talking and they are texting. as they walk down the street, or sit at a sidewalk cafe. police call these folks easy targets for thieves. mindy was a victim on polk street in russian hill recently. >> i was just sitting there looking down at my phone and somebody grabbed it and it was
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like a phone wallet combo. i started chasing after them. but then i realized there was two of them and so i was like, what am i going to do? >> reporter: that was enough for her boss and co-workers at this beauty store nearby. they put up this sign warning customers, thieves are getting more aggressive, grabbing phones easily but sometimes using pepper spray, even a gun to steal the phones. especially from women who are distracted by their phones. >> this used to be a safe neighborhood. >> it usually is. it is just i feel like people take advantage of that and they take advantage of feeling so safe and so they just -- you let your guard down. >> reporter: it was just last year when a taxi cab surveillance camera caught this woman walking in the same neighborhood. watch the man next to her, in seconds he grabs her phone and runs off. it is not too hard to do. >> do you know how easy it is to grab it like this. >> susie was standing around with the iphone in her hand. >> you forget to look around and see what is going on. >> reporter: police say on the black market a thief can get
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$100 for a stolenich phone. shopping mall kiosks are even more convenient. a good iphone can much $160. one man recently dumped a bunch of them here at the westfield mall in downtown san francisco. john tucker saw him. >> he had probably about five or six phones and he was just putting them in there, just like they were quarters in a candy machine, and getting money for them. and so at one point he shook his jacket to make sure he didn't have any more phones on him. >> police say no matter what neighborhood you are in, if you are going to put the cell phone to your ear and walk down the street, you might as well be waving around a $100 bill because that's what thieves see. and in the first eight months of this year, there were 2300 street robberies and half of them for cell phones. >> wow. an easy haul it sounds like. good advice, linda. thank you. two bay area officials are getting a boost to the six-
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figure salorys -- salerys. mike sugarman on keeping the top people from leaving town and why it is worth it. >> this is a story you want to e-mail to your boss right now. >> it is important that we keep talented executives in our city. >> reporter: so san leandro city manager chris zapata, not even on the job a year, made sure his two got raises by cutting his salary. >> i think it is worth it from the standpoint of the community and more important than money. >> reporter: the assistant city marshall who didn't want to go on camera, will get a $10,000 range because the city manager cut his salery by $20,000. they get bumped up and he will get backed back $20,000. >> my children are grown.
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my daughter's wedding is paid for and so i believe it is a small gesture. >> i talked to the leader of the largest union of city workers in san leandro by phone and she said this is a feel- good story, but what about us? we haven't had a raise in five years? we're going into negotiation and you're pleading poverty and now the top salaries in the city are going up? >> i understand these are difficult financial times we find ourselves in but i understand the realities of the market. >> reporter: and good city administrators and police chiefs are hot, hot, hot, he said. >> i think it is much more common than people think. >> this professor said there are all kinds of bosses. >> some people in positions of power have motivations that are directed toward themselves and some people in positions of power have motivations that are directed toward the good of the whole and the community. >> reporter: and when you do e- mail this story to your boss,
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ask him, which one are you? mike sugarman, cbs 5. >> i'm not going to ask that? >> no. good news about the storm is we don't have to water our plants -- right now. >> and if you haven't put up the holiday or christmas decorations, get outside -- tonight is late, but do it tomorrow. because we are looking at a washout through the weekend. here is a peek outside. the weather issue as issued -- the weather agency has issued a warning. the potential is there for several days with heavy rainfall, especially in the foothills because the moisture slams into the mountain and that's where we see the highest rainfall totalsch that is a beautiful monday night. embarcadero lit up for the holidays. san francisco downtown hit 58 and did half moon bay. napa 65. concord 63 degrees. cbs 5 high def doppler dry for now. i do believe by this time tomorrow night we'll see rain building off shore with rain arriving after midnight and
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into wednesday morning. so why are we talking about so much rain? because we get fronts moving through and rain moving through. this is reality. what we don't see that often is this river of moisture. we call it the pineapple express because of its origin, down toward hawaii. where it sets up shop and when it sets up shop, over one spot and then doesn't move, that becomes a problem. and it may become a problem for us later on this week. low pressure is building from the gulf of alaska. when these two come together, all of this moisture hitting the wall in the atmosphere and then getting shoved to the east, guess where it will end up. all indications are that it will end up in northern california and that could be a problem with too much rain. so enjoy the dry tomorrow, because after tomorrow we'll be wet for a while, perhaps up to a week. san francisco tomorrow 62. livermore 65. put up lights in san jose, partly sunny tomorrow 64 degrees. i don't think we'll see as much fog tomorrow as we did this morning and it was widespread around the bay. redwood city, high of 64. rain begins on wednesday. a little bit of a break on
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thursday with scattered showers and then the heavy stuff moves in friday, saturday, sunday and even the top of next week. it looks like we're going to be wet and wet for a while and it starts on wednesday morning. so enjoy the dry while we have it. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. bay area sand dunes at the center of a development dispute. why so much of the fighting is over a flower. and why more workers at an area airport could be carrying guns on runway. ,,,, ,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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settlement with a weight los motes its sp several bay area district attorneys have reached a settlement with a weight loss company that promotes a sprinkle diet. now sensa products and the patient company will pay more than $900,000 to settle a false
6:22 pm
advertising lawsuit. they claimed the diet was clinically proven to work. sensa admits no fault and said they stand behind its product. and now a sand do you know dilemma. environmentalists and those who live in daly city are battling over a big sand do you know near hillside park. and as joe vasquez shows us, a wear flower is blossoming into a point of contention. >> i don't think building houses up here is progress. >> environmentalist ken mcentire with san bruno mountain watch shows me a rare flower in bloom. >> this is the endangered plant, about 50% of the total world population of this plant is on these dunes. the rest is in a studio in san francisco. >> the ancient sifting dunes above daly city, on a hillside above a neighborhood that just experienced a frightening mudslide, a major pipe burst sending 48,000 gallons of water
6:23 pm
and sand charging down the hill, burying more than a dozen cars and narrowly missing the houses. now some neighbors are worried the hillside might be compromised so they're paying attention to a development at the top. the plan is to build eight homes on just under one acre in the midst of the dunes. even before the mudslide, ken mcintyre had been negotiating with the developer to try to change his mind. >> we hope to purchase it. we would like daly city to back our effort to purchase it and then accept it into their park system. >> we have to do all we can to make sure we maintain open space at san bruno mountain. >> reporter: daly city councilman said they will need approval. >> you have to make sure that any decision you make, that the residents down below are safe and you can be assured i'm going to make sure that happens. >> reporter: we tried to get ahold of the developer and didn't get a return phone call.
6:24 pm
this is still a proposal. it has to go through planning and city council before it is a done deal. in daly city, joe vasquez, cbs 5. and the cliff. coming up in the next half hour, avoiding the fiscal cliff. congress back at work after the holiday break and shifting view op tax -- on tax reform and their demand from democrats. and why more workers at a bay area airport could be allowed to carry firearms. a bay area college launches a new recruiting strategy. why it is spending six figures to target a specific group of students. ,,,,,,,,
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for ways to hit the brakes. and now at 6:30, the fiscal cliff is looming as lawmakers on capitol hill look for ways to hit the brakes. president obama and members of congress got back to work today after the holiday break. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on the warning tonight from the white house. >> reporter: lawmakers are back at work and under deadline pressure. >> we can solve the greatest economic emergency facing the nation today. >> reporter: white house mommists say without a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff,
6:28 pm
americans may start closing their wallets during the critical shopping season and curb their spending into next year. >> they think it is important that congress extend the middle class tax cuts without delay and drama is because it will help to maintain the increased consumer confidence we've seen. >> reporter: both sides say they are ready to compromise to avoid the nearly $600 billion in tax hikes and mandatory spending cuts scheduled to kick in on january 1st. but taxes remain the sticking point. republicans in congress have been long opposed to any tax increases, but gop lawmakers say they are open to raising more revenue through tax reform. wyoming republican john ber aso said retirement reform needs to be part of the solution. >> medicare and social security are the two big tidal waves coming at us in terms of the spending. >> reporter: gop leaders say they need democrats to give more in order to cut a deal. >> it is time for the president to present a plan that rises
6:29 pm
above these reckless and radical voices on the hard left. >> reporter: the report from white house economists say middle class families will see their taxes go up by $2,200 next year if congress does not find a compromise. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. investigators preparing to exhume the body of long time palestinian leader yasser arafat. a team of forensic experts arrived in tel aviv to find out what killed him. he died after a supposed sudden illness in 2004. doctors could not determine the cause of death at the time. many palestinians still believe he was poisoned and they blame israel. israel denies any involvement. a vallejo father is arrested after police say he gunned down a teen for fighting with the man's son. 44-year-old randy demar williams killed 17-year-old gary white sunday morning in the glenn cove neighborhood. police say white got into a
6:30 pm
fight with williams' 19-year- old son on a party earlier. witnesses say they heard six gunshots and then screams. the suspect's neighbor say they are having a hard time understanding how this happened. >> i don't believe that he went there to do anything other than pick up his son and maybe make sure -- figure out what was going on. i mean he's a guy that sticks up for his family. >> williams was arrested on sunday at his home in vallejo. he has been booked into the solano county jail on a murder charge. this probably sounds like one of the scariest things that could happen at an airport. weapons on the runway. at san jose international this could be more of them. cbs 5 reporter kate cog erin said it is aiming at birds. >> reporter: it is a bird, it is a plane. san jose staff said it is a deadly combination. >> if they intercept a bird upon departure or arrival here
6:31 pm
at the airport, it is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: airport staffers are taking a more aggressive approach in their battle against the birds. the city will vote on a proposed ordinance to allow employees and contract biologists to shoot at birds to clear them from the airfield. >> we trust that the police officers and our cities with firearms, so if they are protecting the passengers on the plane, that's what we need to do. >> reporter: but the ideas of guns on the runway doesn't fly with all passengers. >> it is just safety, but obviously if someone has a gun, who knows where the bullets end up so that doesn't make sense to me. >> i think they should keep looking for -- i think that firearms is a little dangerous. >> reporter: san jose's airport uses cracker guns or noisemakers but that isn't working. the airport reported 180 bird strikes since 2009 and now the faa is requesting stronger action be taken. >> airports across the nation, as well as two other bay area
6:32 pm
airports have been doing this for a long time and we want to do the same for the safety of our passengers and aircraft. >> reporter: the staffers and contracted biologists would scope the airways 24/7 and shootk the birds would be a -- shooting the birds will be a last resort. the money will come out of the airport's operating budget. the city will vote on the ordinance tomorrow afternoon. kate casa granderran,. >> they would use bird shot and small pellets to target the birds. solano community college is short on cash like many colleges in the area. so why is it spending more than $100,000 on a new student recruiting strategy? a cbs 5 reporter john ramos explain, some students pay off more than others. >> solano community college can serve about 8500 students. but with teacher cutbacks, the students here at the fairfield
6:33 pm
campus have a tough time getting the classes they need. >> i'm in a class where there is only one of each for the whole semester and they are both packed. >> there may be two in one spot. >> you have to wait in line for the class you want. that is just part of going to college now. >> yeah, that's part of going to college. >> so it is surprising to hear that the district's plan to fight this problem is to recruit more students. the difference is they will come from other countries. a consultant has been hired to recruit students from asian countries who will be paying much higher nonresident tuition. the college's president insists the foreign students will not be taking spots from local kids. >> but if we add faculty members with the funding that we receive from the students, then it will create a whole lot more capacity for our students. >> reporter: eventually the college would like to attract about 500 international students.
6:34 pm
at $7,000 in tuition per year, that would generate an additional $3.5 million, money to hire teachers. >> we would be able to offer more courses than we can right now and we'll be dependent less on the state economy to be able to sustain ourselves. >> reporter: the campus has plenty of room to grow. and a bond measure was just passed that could build new facilities. but the president of the faculty is skeptical the money would cover all expenses and worries that the higher paying foreign students would be at the front of the line when the u.c. begins to select transfer students. all of this has the locals on campus feeling a bit unappreciated. >> life is not, fair. life is not fair. but it kind of seems like they are chasing the dollar rather than the education. >> reporter: but these days dollars and education cannot be separated. it is an economics lesson everyone is learning, even those who can't get into the
6:35 pm
class. in fairfield, john ramos, cbs 5. still ahead, how the lure of black friday deals in the bay area led to the arrest of an accused killer. it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. >> why the number of injuries from bounce houses have taken such a big jump. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
18-year-old jacob haro was morgan hill police hit wal- mart on black friday and apparently there was a special on murder suspects because 18- year-old jacob harrow was wanted in connection with a gang-related killing in san jose. a sharp eyed juvenile probation officer spotted him standing in line in the morgan hill wal- mart in the middle of the black friday rush. the officer recognized him from a flyer. police surrounded the store and sealed the exits and arrested haro without incident. san francisco general
6:38 pm
hospital wants the l.a. dodgers to pick up the bill for bryan stow's medical care after he was attacked at damager stadium in the parking lot last year. he spent five months at sf general, racking up more than a million dollars in bills that insurance didn't cover. the hospital is now suing the dodgers to recoup that and tow's family is -- stow's family is suing for his care. they blame the organization for failing to provide safe conditions outside of the ballpark. they are a big hit at backyard parties but the inflatable bounce houses may not be as kid friendly as you think. ann maco vick on a jump in bounce-house related injuries. >> one look at the kid's faces and you can tell how fun a bounce house can be. >> i think it is a great place to get exercise. >> reporter: and while that is a fact. >> it is fun and games until someone gets hurt. >> reporter: the journal of pediatrics found the injury
6:39 pm
rate has sky rocketed from 5300 emergency room visits in 2008 to 11,000 in 2010, more than a third involving children under six. >> reporter: i want to jump in there. but that is one of the safety problems according to the new report. taller or larger people jumping with small children. fractures and sprains are the most common complaint. and then there are risks like this, the inflatable flying away in the wind. and if the blower loses power, the whole thing could deflate. at pump it up in belmont, they make sure that doesn't help happen by tethering them to the ceiling and floor. >> they inspect them each wake and i call professional people to make minor repairs here and there. >> reporter: the quality control can be lost with backyard rentals. >> that does get dicey. >> reporter: but she's rented one as many have here. >> we've had one for my son's birthday last year. he was fine. he's been to ones at other kid's places.
6:40 pm
i think when they get full, i think it is pup to parents -- i think it is up to parents to watch them. >> abc 5. >> it is changing the focus to what touches me deep in my soul. the past few days have been all about buying. how tomorrow is dedicated to a greater good. and meteorologist paul deann yo. there is rain and then too much rain. this is the golden gate bridge. some computer forecast models say we could get a half foot of rainfall by the end of the week. find out when it starts and how much you'll get in your town coming up. jim harbaugh names his starting quarterback. the answer might surprise you, i'm dennis o'donnell and we'll tell you who is out and for how long, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a hewlett- packard shareholr is suing the company over the way it handled two deals. the suit claims that top executives c a hewlett packard shareholder is suing the company. the suit claims that top
6:44 pm
executives concealed problems at two companies they acquired. autonomy and electronic data systems cost hp billions of dollars. hp stock has lost more than half of the valley this year. company has not commented on the suit. first, black friday and now cyber monday, well non-profits are getting in on the action urging people to give as well as shop. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo or giving tuesday. >> reporter: the last few days have been all about getting. getting more, getting it first, getting it cheaper. tomorrow is a day for giving. >> so it is changing the focus to what touches me deep in my soul, what touches my heart and what organizations do i want to support. >> reporter: tomorrow is the first ever giving tuesday. an idea that started in new york to harness the same collective attention given to black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday. but this is about helping non-
6:45 pm
profits in our community. pleasantton stone shopping center is taking part and stanford mall in palo alto. the parent company at dozens of malls joining the national effort. >> we want people to get started talking about ways to give back and how to give back. >> reporter: a conversation amanda had. >> if we see someone homeless or helpful we bring them with us into the restaurant. >> reporter: now she raises money to fight breast cancer. tomorrow stone ridge will encourage people to donate to non-profits like the american red cross and simon youth foundation which is the non- profit that helps high school dropouts. and programs like hope hospice. >> we have seen a huge dropoff in donations in the last couple of years. >> reporter: and setting a day aside and giving it a name like giving tuesday focuses on the greater good, especially after days of indulgence. >> you are allowing all of the
6:46 pm
other organizations to do a wide variety of good work in the community. >> reporter: while we delight watching children ask for what they want, we may found our own joy comes from asking others what they need. >> it is nice to know that the littlest thing can help a person, the things that we take for granted. >> reporter: in pleasanton ann notarangelo. >> so we have giving tuesday, cyber monday and we'll have a washout of a wednesday and more after that. this is like a week of rainfall coming. so i know it is dry out right now. here is the radar. nothing is moving in just yet. cbs 5 high doppler. and the bulls eye will be here late next week. and mondo seeno county could see upwards of 6-10 inches of rainfall by the end of the week. sonoma county, forecast is 5-8
6:47 pm
inches and more in 3 inches and same for san francisco and san mateo. further south less but still 2- 3 inches of rain in the south bay and santa clara county. more immediately tonight, there will be fog again but not as widespread and dense as this morning. wedroad city dropping down to 45. 40 for livermore. 41 for concord. and lower 40s for santa rosa and for napa. now to the rain thing. it is called the pineapple express because of where the moisture is coming from. if it is coming down from the gulf of alaska, there is not much moisture. down here is the deep tropical moisture. and that is where it is coming. it is heading for us. all of the tropical moisture is out there and it is sitting out there in the pacific ocean not impacting us at all. but this area of low pressure will form a wall and shove all of this moisture toward the pacific coast, toward the west coast, heading right here. so northern california will be the bull's eye for five
6:48 pm
straight days for a lot of rainfall. this is the soaking rain we get about once a year. pretty early this year. and i don't expect widespread flooding but there will be a lot of rain in a short amount of time and it will be coming up beginning on wednesday. let's time it out for you. future-cast showing the rain moving through at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 on wednesday morning. windy on wednesday morning as well. then a break. the next round of rainfall gets here on thursday and see all of the heavy rain farther up to the north, sonoma county, mendocino, napa county, we'll see the heaviest rainfall on thursday or friday. this is a prolonged rain event lasting five to seven days starting on wednesday. so we are dry tomorrow. wet and windy starting on wednesday. heaviest rainfall is likely friday and over the weekend. so i know you want to get out shopping and cross things off the christmas or hanukkah list but it is soggyond saturday and sunday. mid-60s tomorrow. san jose 64 which is normal for this time of year. redwood city 64. cupertino 64. santa clara 65 degrees.
6:49 pm
mid-60s for antioch. 63 for veneesha. pleasant hills 64. concord 63. and low 60ss with rain moving in after midnight in san rafael and santa rosa. i worked in seattle for about four years and i'm having flashbacks because we are looking at rain for six straight days. wednesday to the top of next week we'll be wet with the heaviest rainfall moving in friday through sunday. so enjoy the dry while we have it. one more day tomorrow. sports is coming up next. ,,
6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
championship game if the 49s make it back... " " kyle williams will not be able to atone for his critical mistakes in last year's nfc championship game if the 49ers make it back. >> i'm irritated with the way people are treating him, absolutely. i think it is -- it is ridiculous. get a grip on what life is
6:52 pm
about. >> you may recall, williams received death threats after this fumble in january, costing the 49ers a trip to the superbowl. and yesterday the 49ers receiver and kick returner was hurt against the saints on a blocking play. he tweeted that he tore his acl and will miss the rest of the season. smith or kaepernick? that is the question. jim harbaugh gave little clarity about who the quarterback will be against the rams in week 12. >> it makes you that much more confident, especially when you get two wins against great teams. so i'll have great confidence no matter what happens. >> despite beating two of the nfc's best teams in back to back weeks, jim harbaugh was hesitant to name colin kaepernick the starting quarterback. in fact alex smith still somehow retains that title. >> alex smith is our starting quarterback. he has not -- he has not done anything to lose that job. in fact, he's playing at a very
6:53 pm
high level. both have a hot hand. this season is -- the quarterback position has been shared. >> and the confusion doesn't stop with harbaugh. teammates have different opinions on the quarterback. this was alec boon's tame on kaepernick? >> unbelievable, the effort he gave today was awesome. >> but some were quick to back smith. >> you feel bad for alex. he won us championships and third rated passer on the football league. >> obviously i want to play. i think i should. but it's not my decision. >> an announcement is expected on wednesday because the longer the controversy lasts, the more fodder the media has. >> the so-called experts that talk about, well, you should be making a fuss about it or a stink about it. it is about the team and it is about us all working together. so that one gets me upset. that's -- that's not what our
6:54 pm
two guys with about. >> david shaw won the pac-12 coach of the year award today for the second consecutive season. shaw's 21-4 since taking over for harbaugh. stanford plays for the pac-12 championship on friday against ucla at the pond. now the winner goes to the rose bowl. game experts did not picture this when they started playing football and the season began. >> i never -- i know nobody was giving us a let down for the pac-12 media day at the beginning of the season and i told them it was the same thing, when toby left, it was the same thing when harbaugh left, it was the same thing when andrew left. and i guess people out there just don't get it. they don't understand what type of guys we have on this team, what kind of coaches we have. no, we're not going away. we are not a one-person team, we never have been. so people can say what they want but we know this team will
6:55 pm
be around for a while. >> former giants outfielder melky cabrera will get a share of the pie, despite missing the final 50 games because he tested positive for testosterone. a baseball rule on eligibility automatically allowed cabrera to cash in for $377,000, that is a post season record payout. a's players got $34,000 a piece. if you were digging a trench this weekend because your propane line broke, here is what you missed. >> the sprinklers went on in the middle of the seahawks game but i guess it is better than in miami than green bay, right? keep youroy on the full back. he is the biggest kid on the field. he levels a little guy trying to make a tackle. down goes frazier. but he got in and in the guys face and i give him credit. nfl play of the week and the ravens needed a first down. it was 4th and 29-yards to go. ray rice got the first down. did he have a name for the
6:56 pm
play? >> checkdown. hey diddle, diddle, ray rice up the middle. >> i like it. they call this one luck. oklahoma's kenny steels juggling to prevent an interception. and not only did he do that, he caught it for a touchdown. lsu and arkansas, and look at jarvis landrieu take it to the next level. look at his glove. lsu wins. and in oakland, rookie harrison barnes is starting to come on. we had him in studio for game day and that was -- might have been the dunk of the year for harrison barnes. 10 points, 11 rebounds and the warriors win over minnesota. last year they got clay thompson and good selection in the draft and now harrison barnes so the team is looking good. >> they certainly are. road wins and the whole thing. >> and harrison barnes is giving free tickets to the warrior games for the boys and girls club. if you have seen tickets to nba games lately, that is a very
6:57 pm
big deal. >> who kaepernick or smith in. >> kaepernick. >> colin kaepernick. >> i say he did not deserve to lose his job. the good thing is -- >> he hasn't lost his job. he's still the starting quarterback. >> well we'll find out on wednesday. i think that is semantics. that is harbaugh playing. >> he is good at that. >> he's the starting back-up quarterback. >> third string. >> did you get the propane line? >> we fixed the propane line, thank you very much. >> see you tomorrow. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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